Never know

Each day we open our eyes,

We never know what is in store for us.

Will it be full of happiness, sadness, or stress.

Living abroad makes a person experience

a mixture of emotions that are intertwined all at once.

It is up to us to move the paintbrush,

in order to create a straight line.

Fabric Market

Starring at bridal magazines can be difficult when trying to pick a dress, but not if you live in China. One of my friends is getting married in a few months and she has been searching for the perfect dress on Pinterest.

My other friend got married a few months ago and knew a lady that makes very good dresses, so Saturday we braved the outing to the market. We were relieved that it was such an easy process. She took her wedding gown picture, the lady asked her a few questions, and then took her measurements. My friend decided she liked the entire dress instead of using the top of one dress and the bottom of another. She was so relieved that it was over and that it was much cheaper than a dress in the States would cost.

I am in her wedding and needed to have a dress made as well. I had my dress picked out at least a month before she did. She made her final choice the night before we went to the fabric market. Anyways, my dress has magenta lace for the top part of the dress and then a plain magenta bottom. I think it is going to look lovely. Since I was there, I decided to have a coral spring/summer dress made as well.

We get to pick up our dresses in one month. So exciting!

Day Out of City



Born in the city

with a lack of nature experience.

My childhood years were spent at the mall and the movies.

I never went hiking, canoeing, or camping

like some kids do with their family.

My first year teaching was the year I fell in love with nature.

Ten years later brought lots of different nature experiences.

I must admit at the end of the day

the city girl remains.

I prefer a nice bed

and modern technology.


As an EAL teacher, my students often say things that make me laugh on the inside. During a lesson on products we use from animals, a Kindergarten student believed she solved a mystery. She found out that the school principal likes cheese and she has blonde hair. Can you guess what she said next?

You got it, the principal has yellow hair because she likes to eat cheese. She told me her theory in a loud, positive voice that eating yellow cheese turned her hair yellow. This student had a huge smile on her face and I didn’t have the heart to tell her no. I simply smiled and said maybe so and suggested we find the principal to tell her.

Luckily, the principal was a great sport and played along. She asked my student if she eats cheese will her hair turn blonde as well. My student laughed and said no. I guess another day we will have to discuss why cheese might turn the principal’s hair blonde but not hers.

Restaurant Week

This was a wonderful week with lots of delicious food. I have several friends leaving Shanghai and eating at nice restaurants was a good way to spend the last few months together.

Each place I ate at was unique and wonderful in its own way. It’s hard for me to pick the best place I ate at this week. I ate Thai, Turkish, Italian, British, Mexican, and Fusion. There are very few places in the US that I could eat a variety of ethnic foods in one week while overhearing numerous languages spoken around me. It is wonderful living in an international city.


My veins are pumping hot red viscous liquid

Streaks of black are swirled in the mix.

Anger is building inside of me

That I am unable to control,

The outcome is uncertain.

Will the black streaks continue

to move until it reaches the top

or will they disappear?

High School Writing

Writing has been a huge part of my life as long as I can recall; however, I think the biggest role it played in my life was in high school. I discovered my passion for sports journalism.

I took an introduction journalism class my freshman year of high school, which encouraged me to join my high school newspaper the following school year. I grew up playing sports and my passion shown in sports articles. I tried to write other articles, but I was very bad at it and couldn’t relate to the writing. I mostly wrote sports stories, which led me to be the sports editor for my last two years of high school. Many people thought I would study sports journalism in college, but I didn’t have a passion for it.

Sadly, I realized today I write a lot less than I use to.  Maybe the blog will allow me to put words on paper on a regular basis.


Lent begins today and it is a real sacrifice to go to Restaurant Week and not eat the desserts. During the dessert portion of the meal, I reminded myself that not eating junk food for about 40 days will make me thinner. 🙂
Today is an important day in the Catholic church and it reminded me of my baptism, which was almost 12 years ago. I didn’t grow up going to church, but found religion in college. I know it sounds weird. My next door neighbor in my dorm invited me to attend a worship night where people sang Christian pop songs. I thought it was different from the few times I went to church with my aunt and great-grandmother as a child. I made some friends and they invited me to church with them. I went to different churches until I found the Catholic church. I instantly was drawn to it and felt at home. I began going to mass on a regular basis. I took Catechism classes and a little over a year later received my baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation all at once.
My Mema was so proud because she grew up as a Catholic, but was unable to continue going to mass because my grandfather wouldn’t convert. My story gets even better. My dad went to mass a few times and liked it. He began taking classes and a few years later received all of his Sacraments as well. His mother was so proud of us. A few years later, when she was dying in the hospital we placed a rosary in her hand and was able to get her Last Rites. Her sisters were relieved to hear this because they were terrified she didn’t receive them. If my dad and I had not become Catholic she would have died without them since no one else in the family knew she needed this.


Restaurant Week

Yesterday, I was very sad because I missed my best friend. I don’t even think I realized he was best friend until he had to start going on international business trips. While he is away, I am very lucky to have amazing people in my life to keep me busy and distracted. This week was perfect because it is Restaurant Week.

Twice a year in Shanghai restaurants have a special menu with amazing prices. You can eat a nice 4 course meal for about $50.00. No way could I find a deal like that in the States. I will be eating at 6 different restaurants this week to keep myself distracted. It is going to be an expensive week for me, but will be worth it since I am spending time with different friends and eating at restaurants I would normally not eat at. At the end of the week, I will discuss my eating adventures.