Lent begins today and it is a real sacrifice to go to Restaurant Week and not eat the desserts. During the dessert portion of the meal, I reminded myself that not eating junk food for about 40 days will make me thinner. 🙂
Today is an important day in the Catholic church and it reminded me of my baptism, which was almost 12 years ago. I didn’t grow up going to church, but found religion in college. I know it sounds weird. My next door neighbor in my dorm invited me to attend a worship night where people sang Christian pop songs. I thought it was different from the few times I went to church with my aunt and great-grandmother as a child. I made some friends and they invited me to church with them. I went to different churches until I found the Catholic church. I instantly was drawn to it and felt at home. I began going to mass on a regular basis. I took Catechism classes and a little over a year later received my baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation all at once.
My Mema was so proud because she grew up as a Catholic, but was unable to continue going to mass because my grandfather wouldn’t convert. My story gets even better. My dad went to mass a few times and liked it. He began taking classes and a few years later received all of his Sacraments as well. His mother was so proud of us. A few years later, when she was dying in the hospital we placed a rosary in her hand and was able to get her Last Rites. Her sisters were relieved to hear this because they were terrified she didn’t receive them. If my dad and I had not become Catholic she would have died without them since no one else in the family knew she needed this.