As an EAL teacher, my students often say things that make me laugh on the inside. During a lesson on products we use from animals, a Kindergarten student believed she solved a mystery. She found out that the school principal likes cheese and she has blonde hair. Can you guess what she said next?

You got it, the principal has yellow hair because she likes to eat cheese. She told me her theory in a loud, positive voice that eating yellow cheese turned her hair yellow. This student had a huge smile on her face and I didn’t have the heart to tell her no. I simply smiled and said maybe so and suggested we find the principal to tell her.

Luckily, the principal was a great sport and played along. She asked my student if she eats cheese will her hair turn blonde as well. My student laughed and said no. I guess another day we will have to discuss why cheese might turn the principal’s hair blonde but not hers.